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Amazing rolls from the minds of our customers.


Ben's Maki    10

Unagi, tamago and avocado


*Elias Maki    13

Unagi, tuna, cucumber, avocado and tobiko


Jeffrey's Maki    15

Scallop, crabstick, scallions on top of avocado maki served hot


*Paula's Maki    17

Salmon, wasabi roe and avocado inside and salmon, tuna and lemon on outside


*Amy's Maki    17

Eel and avocado inside and Hamachi with ponzo sauce on outside


*Joe's Kazan Maki    15

 Octopus, crabstick, tobiko mixed with spicy mayo on to of California Maki


*Brad's Torch Maki    17

Cucumber, tobiko & spicy mayo inside with seared tuna on top with mayo


*Evan's Torch Maki    17

Same as Brad's except for seared salmon in place of tuna


*Rachel's Sushi    8 / Sashimi    11

Scallop sushi topped with tobiko, Japanese mayo, and lemon


Customer Creations